Spunlace Weaving of Natural Fibres in our Factory

Natural is a Feeling You Deserve.

It took two years of intensive research and development to bring the Heyday prototype made from pure organic and natural plant fibres to life.

Synthetic personal hygiene products made of harmful carcinogens like poly-mers, plastics, perfumes, dioxin should be kept away from direct contact from our body's sensitive skin.

Organic bamboo and corn growing in vertical farms

Only Corn, Bamboo and Nothing More.

The raw material used in our patented plant fibre is made from a weave of organic corn and bamboo pulp, grown in vertical farms with chemical free soil.

Corn provides softness while bamboo is naturally high absorbent. Our disposal covers are made from corn starch and boxes are made with soy coated paper or oxo-degradable bags.

Landfills Filled with Plastic Waste in India

It's Time we Love our Environment too.

From product to packaging, Heyday is end to end biodegradable and it decomposes under the action of microorganisms in the air, water or soil within 2 years from disposal.

Unlike synthetic products that lie in landfills for over 500 years, Heyday fibres breakdown easily being all natural in its composition.

Let’s meet the woman behind it all.

Deepanjali Kanoria
Founder and CEO

A brainchild of Deepanjali, Heyday was launched in 2017 end with its innovative personal care products.

Heyday was born when she realised the composition of commercially sold personal care products is harmful for the body and the environment.

“I wanted to induce better and safer care in a category that had not seen innovation for decades in India. Heyday has reached over 3.5 lakh customers in two years, we hope to occupy a substantial share of thesegment by the end of 2022,” Deepanjali Kanoria says.