Organic Panty Liners: Feel Fresh, Clean And Healthy

A woman’s world is often riddled with signals sent out by her intimate parts and more often than not, due to lack of available information they ignore our symptoms. There is so much we don’t know about ourselves and that sometimes can inundate us. For example, a lot of women are concerned with the wetness of their underwear that may be caused by several reasons and are unsure of how to keep their lady parts dry. One simple solution to this trouble is the use of organic panty liners. Think of them as smaller and lesser absorbent versions of sanitary pads that are meant to act as a barrier against vaginal discharge, post-sex discharge, light incontinence, or light menstrual flow. The following are some reasons why many women choose to use organic panty liners for their vaginal self-care:-

organic panty liners
  • To Absorb Daily Discharge


Several women use reusable panty liners every day because it is common and natural to experience light discharge on most days. To prevent from feeling damp and uneasy you can also slip on an organic cotton panty liner, if not a reusable one – so that your skin can breathe easy while also being dry. In addition to feeling fresh and clean throughout the day, a panty liner also prevents one from potential infections that can be caused by moistness in the vaginal area. Additionally, panty liners are slipped on before daily workout sessions and also prove to be an unexpected boon when they hold your passion flow when you and your partner end up getting frisky on that date. 


Instead of scheduling each event and accounting for all the reasons for when you might require a panty liner, many just prefer to wear one every day – and there is no going wrong with that as long as your panty liners are natural, organic and changed every three to four hours.

  • To Prevent Rashes


A wet and sweaty vaginal area can irritate and be abrasive for your sensitive vulva (the external part of a woman’s genitalia), and hence must be kept dry as much as possible. However, in ways similar to synthetic sanitary napkins, plastic panty liners can increase moisture and house irritants such as scents and chemicals that often curate the perfect environment to welcome a nasty rash, redness, itching, and can also induce vaginal pain.  

Hence, even though the market is laden with varied products that claim to keep your vagina dry, the best ones are unscented organic cotton panty liners that not only keep them dry, but also rash-free.

use organic panty liners to prevent rashes
panty liners keep panties clean
  • To Keep Your Panties Clean


Intimate wear can be extremely expensive, and to avoid having to discard them every other month due to menstruation stains and discharge leaks, many women rightfully wish to keep their panties as clean as their vaginas. The best way to do both is to slip in an organic panty liner. Better still, to keep the earth just as clean, we recommend using biodegradable panty liners or reusable panty liners – both of which reduce the amount of harmful waste we generate. Remember, a clean earth, allows for healthy living for humans, and similarly a clean panty, allows for an infection-free and healthy vagina.

  • To Prevent Menstrual Leaks


Panty liners are an indispensable part of the day for many women who use a tampon or a menstrual cup. While the chances might be low, there are still cases when menstrual blood leaks through the aforementioned products. In such times, a panty liner can arrest the discharge and prevent staining. It is also a good idea to wear them if you experience spotting abruptly through the month – which is also a natural phenomenon.

organic panty liners prevent menstrual leaks
  • For Increased Comfort


Thin organic cotton panty liners are often the perfect cushioning our underwears require. They also control the temperature and humidity, thus keeping the vaginal area feeling cool and fresh. The liners that don’t have chlorine bleach, latex, parabens, perfumes, SAP, and plastics or synthetic materials, like the ones by Heyday, are especially successful in allowing you to feel healthy and comfortable throughout the day. 

In conclusion, it is important and rewarding in the long run to invest towards care for your lady parts, and using a panty liner is a good way to do so. However, it is important we pick our products wisely. Organic panty liners are natural, non-chemical, and non-toxic and so they attempt to address every concern about daily usage. They are also more breathable as compared to the regular panty liners and so can prevent the risk of yeast infections. The best organic panty liners are those that are free from pesticides and herbicides, as the skin of your vulva can absorb these chemicals more easily than skin on other parts of your body.  

Heyday builds organic cotton panty liners that are also biodegradable and as earth-friendly as vagina-friendly. Slip them in your daily self-care routine for increased comfort, health and convenience. Stay healthy and go green!