Medium Baby Diapers

For Baby Weight From 7 to 14 kgs

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Baby diapers have a super soft rash free texture with a snugfit design for overall protection. Keep your baby away from harmful plastics while providing the ease of changing while providing the ease of changing with 3 wetness indicators lines that change from yellow to blue each time the baby urinates.

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7-14 KGS
  • All Natural and Breathable Texture
  • Snugfit Pant Design for Easy Movement
  • Super Soft and Highly Absorbent
  • Biocomposite 360° Leakproof Protection
  • Super Soft Rash Free Topsheet
  • Stretchy Waist Band with Velcro Tape

Place the diaper just above the navel & level on the front & rear

tick both sides across on the front belt

Run your fingers around the legs for a proper fit

Roll the diaper around the soiled inner lining

Dispose the diaper in a closed dustbin

Do not flush the daiper as it will clog the drain

Heyday baby daipers will decompose completely within two years from disposal under the action of micro organisms in the air, soil or water.