Maxi Fluff XL

For Heavy Flow with Wings

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Maxi Fluff XL pads have a bouncy and fluffy feeling perfectly suitable for heavier flow days on your period. Each napkin is composed of seven core sheets made from natural and organic plant fibres of corn and bamboo.

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  • Super Soft Rash Free Topsheet
  • Anti Leakage Side Barriers
  • Breathable Corn Starch Bottom Sheet
  • Wide Wings and Hip Guard
  • Long Lasting Plant Resin Glue
  • Individual Degradable Disposal Covers

Peel off the release paper from the back of the napkin & wings

Stick the napkin on your underwear & press firmly

Fold the wings around your underwear & secure well

Roll the napkin and wrap it properly in the biodegradable film

Dispose with your household waste or in a compost pit

Do not flush the napkin as it may clog the drain

Heyday pads will decompose completely within two years from disposal under the action of micro organisms in the air, soil or water.